Locations: Ravensburg, Dresden, Nürnberg, Köln, Chemnitz, Bad Dürkheim, Hamburg, Bad Hersfeld, Trossingen, Neuss, Sindelfingen, Würzburg
Services: Automation, plant construction, production development, packaging machines, large tools and machine tools
Location: Wangen/Allgäu
Services: Development and construction in the aircraft domain, special purpose machines, packaging machines and testing stands
Location: Nürnberg
Services: Development of softwares for the automation of the construction programming of SolidWorks Tools productivity consultation in the SolidWorks field
Locations: Ravensburg, Indien, Dubai
Services: Planning, construction, manufacturing within the body shell branches in welding lines, assembly lines and testing equipments
Location: Ravensburg
Services: Consulting, implementation, training, service and data handling
Locations: Ravensburg, Sindelfingen
Services: Production development, lightweight construction, structural analyzes and statics for vehicles /building of commercial motor vehicles, turbine and equipment construction, construction machines and aircraft construction
Location: Ravensburg
Service: Equipment construction
Location: Ravensburg
Service: Conveying engineering for plants
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